Dash School video series, with Amanda B. Johnson

Amanda B. Johnson will teach you the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, masternodes, and Dash. This knowledge will help you understand other bitcoin-based coins too. The videos are intended for everyone, and Amanda does not assume any prior experience. 

1/6: What is a blockchain?

What is a blockchain
  • How do digital currencies work?
  • What prevents crypto from being copied?
  • How does crypto compare with gold?
  • Why do we need a blockchain for digital cash? 
  • 7 minutes

2/6: How does a blockchain work?

  • The blockchain ledger.
  • Who updates it?
  • When it is updated? 
  • Why should anybody trust the updates are correct?
  • What is the security model of a blockchain?
  • 7 minutes

3/6: How can a blockchain be a monetary system?

How Dash can be used as a monetary system
  • How are cryptos sent and received?
  • Basic cryptography and how it is used.
  • How do public addresses and private keys work?
  • 7 minutes

4/6: How is Dash's blockchain Funded & Governed?

  • What makes Dash different than other blockchain-based cryptos?
  • How does Dash make quick and efficient decisions?
  • How is the Dash Treasury funded?
  • 4 minutes

5/6: How does Dash offer instant & private payments?

How Dash masternodes make desicions
  • Understanding Masternodes.
  • Who controls the Dash Treasury?
  • Decentralized Voting.
  • How are instant & private transactions possible?  
  • 10 minutes

6/6: How does Dash offer instant & private payments?

Dash Evolution with Amanda
  • What’s next for Dash: Evolution.
  • Usernames and passwords instead of cryptographic addresses.
  • Upgraded under-the-hood security with easy to use interface.
  • 10 minutes

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