Dash 101 video series

Learn the basic concepts of Dash, public and private keys, blockchain, mining, masternodes and more. The Dash 101 series is short and informative.

1/8: Why do we need digital cash?

Why do we need digital cash
  • Advantages of crypto.
  • Why do we need a new form of money?
  • 5 minutes

2/8: What are public and private keys?

  • How does ownership of crypto is proved?
  • How do cryptos change hands when you sell or buy?
  • How does crypto wallets work
  • Difference between public and private keys.
  • 4 minutes

3/8: What is a blockchain?

What is a blockchain
  • Why cryptos can’t be copied like other digital files?
  • The blockchain ledger explained. 
  • How does the world agree on what version of the blockchain is correct?
  • 5 minutes

4/8: What is mining?

What is mining
  • How is the blockchain updated? 
  • Who is allowed to update the blockchain? 
  • How are conflicting updates handled?
  • 4 minutes

5/8: What do masternodes do?

What are masternodes
  • What does Dash do differently from the hundreds of others cryptos? 
  • What is similar about Dash and the rest of the cryptos?
  • Why Dash will be adopted by everyone, and not just geeks?
  • 5 minutes

6/8: What is InstantSend?

  • Why we need instant transactions?
  • How does InstantSend work?
  • 3 minutes

7/8: What is PrivateSend?

  • Why do cryptos need privacy?
  • Private vs pseudo-anonymous.
  • How does PrivateSend work? 
  • 7 minutes

8/8: How will Dash evolve in the future?

Dash evolution
  • What does it take to make crypto acceptable for all?
  • Dash Evolution with usernames, contact list, recurring payments and more. 
  • 3 minutes

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