Dash Evolution — our next major update in 2019

Dash Evolution is the next version of our blockchain platform that will bring a Vemo-like experience for the first time to cryptocurrencies. 

Groundbreaking innovations.

Dash announced Evolution back in 2016, however as the project matured developers realized its incredible potential and the scope of the project was significantly increased. A revolutionary Payments Metadata layer will enable new use-cases for consumers and allow an additional 3rd layer, consisting of 3rd-party applications (an App Store) that can easily integrate and interact with the Dash Blockchain. 

New use cases

Developers will be able to write applications for the Dash Blockchain in native programming languages such as JavaScript, C#, Java, etc. These applications will interact with the Dash blockchain natively through a decentralized API that will be part of the Dash Evolution platform. 

Dash - Productize as a platform
Dash Evolution - Features

Dash Evolution will revolutionize cryptocurrencies. Coming soon in 2019.

Dash Evolution will look and feel like online banking and will be global. However, unlike PayPal and Venmo, Dash is an entirely open-source and decentralized coin. It will also feature increased security, be virtually-free, and have no middlemen taking cuts on either side of transactions. It will be an entirely seamless payment method, with no geographical restrictions. Users can pay friends and shop online as easily as they do with PayPal without losing privacy and control of their money to a third party.

Usernames done right.

Dash’s implementation of usernames on the blockchain is vastly more robust, secure, and capable than centralized solutions. Some coins have centralized services that allow you to make payments using usernames (particularly web wallets). These services are not trustless —you have to trust their integrity and honesty. Other coins, like Bitcoin Cash, are just assigning aliases to cryptographic addresses, which still allows anyone to see the full balance by searching by the alias. With Dash Evolution, username will be part of the protocol and trustless, and balances will be completely secure. 

Dash and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, discusses what makes Dash unique.