What are Dash Masternodes?

Masternodes are computers used to power services the Dash network provides, such as private transactions, instant payments, and governance.

The Masternode's most important role is to vote

Dash Masternodes make transactions faster and more private on the Dash Network. All cryptocurrency projects are based on open-source software, which belongs to no-one, and this is great as it allows innovation without permission. But sometimes it is necessary to make decisions because cryptocurrencies are for people, and people’s needs change.

The most critical role of Masternodes is to make decisions on how to allocate the Dash Treasury. One masternode equals one vote. Learn more about it in the videos below:

What do masternodes do?

What are masternodes

From Dash 101 video series

  • What does Dash do differently from the hundreds of others cryptos? 
  • What is similar about Dash and the rest of the cryptos?
  • Why Dash will be adopted by everyone, and not just geeks?
  • 5 minutes

How does Dash offer instant & private payments?

How Dash masternodes make desicions

From Dash School video series

  • Understanding Masternodes.
  • Who controls the Dash Treasury?
  • Decentralized Voting.
  • How are instant & private transactions possible?  
  • 10 minutes

Set up a Dash Masternode.

Easy-to-follow instructions and the setup can be completed in 30 minutes.