Why use Dash

Dash is a next-generation cryptocurrency. Instant and virtually-free, it also has privacy and is portable in any amount. Learn what makes Dash better.

Resistant to censorship and confiscation.

Dash cannot be confiscated or censored. Nobody can limit the amount, or with whom you can transact. Unlike money in the bank, credit cards or Paypal, there are no intermediaries involved.

No intermediaries.

No need to ask for permission and nobody is between you and who you wish to transact with. Dash is entirely peer-to-peer — anyone can join, and no-one can censor.

Instant and virtually-free transactions.

Recipient pays nothing, and sender pays around $0.000368 to send a transaction. Payment is confirmed and irreversible in just 1-second, and all you need is a mobile phone to get started.

Portable for any amount — from minuscule to colossal.

You can keep in a Dash wallet fractions of a penny to billions of dollars — both are just as portable. Cryptocurrencies are genuinely revolutionary and are going to change the world for the better. 

The most complete cryptocurrency in the industry.

Dash is instant, has privacy, gets more fungible over time, has an actual system of dispute resolution, is self-funded, has the largest professional development team in the industry, has dedicated outreach programs, has introduced more innovations than any other recent digital currency, and has so many more cool things coming down the pipeline with Dash Evolution.

Using coins without privacy may expose your account balance

When you make a payment to someone using cryptocurrencies without privacy — Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. — the recipient can see your wallet’s balance. Dash resolves this problem today as it has built-in privacy, and paying to usernames with Dash Evolution will eliminate this problem completely.

Truly fungible cryptocurrency.

Some coins have the illusion of fungibility hidden behind an encrypted layer. All transactions will be traceable once the encryption is eventually broken. Dash, on the other hand, creates real fungibility as the mixing process erases the history and makes them unidentifiable.

A better solution to privacy.

Dash uses multiple levels of mixing to create doubt and erase the history leading up to a transaction, but the transaction itself is not hidden. With PrivateSend, your balance is broken down into a series of common denominations (0.1, 0.01, 0.001), then each one of those denominations is mixed with two other random people. 

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It’s free and available for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux.