Create a website or an app

Dash can pay you to create a website, app, service, etc. Funds come directly from the blockchain in a decentralized way, and anyone can put up a proposal.

Website example: DashNexus.

One example of a successful site funded by the treasury is DashNexus. It is our new governance system, and the Treasury entirely supported it.


App example: Dash Wallet for Android.

Another example is the Dash Wallet for Android, made by hashengineering, also fully paid by the Treasury. It has also received additional funds for improvements and upgrades.


Make a proposal to the Dash Treasury

The process simple:

  1. Describe what your project is and how will it benefit Dash.
  2. Tell us who you are and how are you qualified to complete the project.
  3. Explain why we should trust you with the funds.

 If the proposal passes, you get paid at the beginning of the month.