Integrate with existing systems

Dash can fund the integration of its blockchain with your company’s systems. For example exchanges, payment gateways, and messaging systems. Learn more.

Integration example: Living Room of Satoshi

An example of a good proposal that was recently approved was for Living Room of Satoshi — established in 2014 and with over 150,000 bills paid. In the past, it allowed Australians to pay their bills only using Bitcoin. The owner asked the network to fund a Dash integration and the proposal passed overwhelmingly. Please keep in mind the amount requested was relevant at the time the proposal was created.

Make a proposal to the Dash Treasury

The process simple:

  1. Describe what your project is and how will it benefit Dash.
  2. Tell us who you are and how are you qualified to complete the project.
  3. Explain why we should trust you with the funds.

 If the proposal passes, you get paid at the beginning of the month.