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What do you think would deliver more value to our community:

1. Having 10k well trained merchants world wide accepting DASH every day

2. Having more technical features nobody actually needs as DASH is working just fine the way it already is??

Anyone ever calculated how many millions of dollars the DAO invested into technical features and what would have happened if we would have focused more on spreading real adoption by some more focused real world adoption campaigns??

My assumption is that the DAO is spending way too much funds on the DASH Core Group and if the proposal system would work more democratically we would be in a better position.

Dashboost is a great initiative, still it has not been funding anything during the past few months... Dashboost is capped at 20 DASH and the proposal fee is at 1 DASH, that is exactly why it was so effective to spread adoption in Nigeria or other low cost countries.

DASH meetups have not been promoted enough and the funds available for the DASH meetup program are hilariously low compared to what the DAO is spending on technical development. Organising a meetup is a lot of work and promoting it effectively even more work, but the reward is just too low, otherwise we would see more meetups happening.

The proposal system must be adjusted to the current price! When it was invented 5 DASH was worth a fraction of what it is worth today.

The same accounts for the Masternode system, nowadays we must use crowdfunded masternodes which in the end suck 15% of the energy as commission...

To me it is crystal clear that the algorithm must be more flexible...

Will the DASH Core Group finally become more transparent and open their accounting books so we can see how their funds are being spent exactly?? Will the DASH Core Group finally step back on growing and growing to let room for others to participate???

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