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What are PrivateSend best practices?  



If someone opts to use Dash's privacy feature, PrivateSend, what are the best practices that you recommend?

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A few recommendations came via reddit.

From u/Flenst:

I strongly recommend to stop using privateSend if all mixed funds have one originating address in your wallet!

From u/Tungi17:

Mix for 16 rounds.

From u/thedesertlynx:

  1. Mix more rounds, 16 is nice.

  2. Receive funds into your balance to be mixed in multiple transactions, i.e. do NOT receive 10 Dash in one piece, mix it, and send it out again in one piece.

  3. Use coin control to manually select inputs, limit them to under 10 inputs per transaction.

Generally speaking, keep your "mixer" going and routinely add to it and make payments with it, like you would any normal wallet/account/etc. and you should be good.

If I'm way off on any of this, someone smarter please let me know.

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