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When were masternod...

When were masternodes first introduced in Dash?  



When were masternodes first introduced in Dash?

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1 Answer

Dash was the first cryptocurrency to implement a masternode layer into its protocol. It was first proposed by Dash founder Evan Duffield in April of 2014 and unveiled later that year in the Fall. At the time, the primary rationale put-forth by Duffield on why masternodes were needed was to assist Dash's focus on privacy. In his words:

“These nodes are the foundation of DarkSend [now called PrivateSend], all transactions will be routed through these nodes."

Since then, Dash's masternodes, or second-tier as its sometimes called (mining being the first tier) have been tasked with an every-increasing responsibility. This includes InstantSend, governance, and the various upgrades that are setting the stage for Evolution, such as Long-Living Masternode Quorums and Dash Platform.

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