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Does any measurable metric or statistic exist to quantify the age of MasterNodes in the Dash ecosystem? This is useful in establishing the duration of Masternode  investment & the stability of key infrastructure. I suspect it's substantially higher than most of the staking in other cryptos. This metric would prove high long term conviction in the success of Dash.

1 Answer

Visit https://www.dashninja.pl/deterministic-masternodes.html and search for the IP address (or pro tx hash) of the masternode in question.

Then look at its "Registered Height value" to determine how long it's been online. 

Of course, when Dash Core v0.13 was released, all masternodes had to re-register, meaning that all their prior uptime wouldn't be recorded. To my understanding, some masternodes had been running nonstop since the advent of masternodes in 2014 until said release of v0.13 in early 2019. 

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