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I own some Dash, bu...

I own some Dash, but not 1,000. Can I still particpate in the masternode system?  



I have read that it takes 1,000 Dash for a masternode. If someone (me) doesn't have that much, can I somehow still get involved in Dash's second tier? Thanks.

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Indeed you can. At this point all the options are trusted, meaning, you relinquish your private keys. These services work by pooling the Dash from their clients to then spin-up a masternode. Payouts are divvied up to clients proportional to the amount of Dash they contributed. And at least one service offers their clients the ability to vote in Dash's self-funding funding mechanism.

Known services include:

Another somewhat-related service is Celsius Network. It doesn't pool client Dash to spin-up masternodes but uses client Dash to loan to others, then provides a return.

And, as a historic note, this masternode pooling model was pioneered by Dash community members moocowmoo (who ran Masternode.me) and Slawek (who ran Splawik’s Super Shares Trusted Masternode Shares). Here's a Daily Decrypt video hosted by Amanda B. Johnson that detailed the offerings back in 2016: How to Earn Money Owning Shares in a Dash Masternode

Additionally, it's worth nothing that in the past, developers at Dash Core Group have discussed ways to enable trustless masternode shares. For the user, this would operate similar to a savings account. If they choose, they can move a portion of their Dash into one area of their wallet (still retaining their private keys) that is then pooled with that of other users to spin-up masternodes and net rewards. Other priorities have since taken the front-burner but there's a chance we'll see this at some point.

Wow, that's cool to learn of!

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