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Selling votes  

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with the new division in private keys for MNOs, I wonder if it I can just sell my vote(s) to the highest bidder.  It makes no economic sense to invest so much time and effort into researching the issues when my vote has so little bearing on the outcome.  

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Yes you can, there are no rules preventing you from selling your votes. It is your key after all. We just hope you're prudent with your choice of delegation though. 

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I agree with @kanuuker and would hope that you delegate/sell prudently.

In terms of timelines, the extreme short-view may indicate that, yes, accepting $250 in exchange for your vote is a good decision. But in a longer view (weeks, months, or years), if you picked an unwise person to delegate/sell your vote to, the value of your masternode collateral is likely to decrease by a lot more than $250.



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