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DASH must improve  

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The current governance model is too intransparent and therefore investors still do not trust DASH as much as it would deserve to be trusted.

Currently the employees of DASH are being paid by their own treasury which actually feeds the u.s. dollar mostly as most employees still prefer to trade their DASH for that fake money before spending it.

To grow the capital of the treasury the DASH DAO must become attractive for outside investors, the current approach to spend even more money in u.s. dollars by the DASH investment foundation is actually destructive.

How can the DAO improve its transparency so that investors gain trust into the DAO and start staking more masternodes??


I believe by limiting the proposal size and lowering the proposal fee the whole project would become much more decentralised.

I believe that Ryan Taylor is mismanaging the DASH Core Group and he should be replaced by someone with a more open minded world view.

But probably he has the ability to comfort so many MNO which are actually the team of DASH that this is a viscous circle which is difficult to break.

DASH must become attractive for the outside world and the employees must start to think globally instead of in their own egoistic interest to earn a high salary short term.

Gaining trust leads to a much higher ROI long term.

What is the objective of the DASH Core Group??? To enrich themselves short term or actually revolutionise the world long term?


Maybe it would be possible to pay the DASH proposal owners with a different type of coin, that can not be traded on exchanges but can only be spent in goods and services.

Maybe it would be possible to pay them 50% in standard DASH and 50% in some other asset which is not available to be traded on exchanges but still compatible with DASH merchants.

Once the merchants have received that coin it would then transform into DASH that would be exchangeable.



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