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Censorship and viol...

Censorship and violence by the moderators in DASH discord channel  

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The other day I went to the DASH discord channel!

I went to ask if anyone could explain me why discoverdash has 3593 folders inside their listings folder while they are promoting 4500+ locations...

I did not know, that ATMs are being counted as locations and apparently nobody told me, which would have been the simply answer to my questions!

The question was not answered by intention or subconsiously to create this conflict and play the victim in the end!!

So my question was not answered, but I was being harassed by several moderators for asking these questions and investigating the truth...

My conversation with Mark mason was interrupted by 2 moderators, which apparently started to insult me as "asshole" in addition to playing the victim...

In the end I was !warned for talking to Mark Mason and asking him questions about the contents of discoverdash...

Then I congratulated the moderator on his work and I told him that probably the community is proud of him (If he had done everything right that would be the case, so I was just pointing out that fact, which is that he should act in the interest of the community)

Now I am banned from the discord channel...

I would like to know if it is in the interest of the DAO to avoid any uncomfortable conversations!

I believe that uncomfortable conversations are the most important ones because this is the moment we are learning something new...

The moment our comfort zone expands is usually a moment of discomfort for people who are not conscious about the general benefit of honest communication.

I wish that the community would not just accept this kind of censorship and that they wold speak up for the minority which is being censored for personal reasons!!!

I wish we could learn from this incident to realize that freedom of communication is very important and that calling someone an "asshole" and after that blaming him for being rude is quite the opposite of reality...

I did not call anything on Mark Mason, I simply asked questions... I was insulted as "asshole" by one of the moderators!!!

Is that appropriate behaviour to insult a community member publicly and demonstrate the abuse of power that is happening in that moment?!

I find that very irritating!!! Please speak up if you see violence happening and insulting someone else intentionally is pure violence...

If we keep accepting this behaviour, the ego of the moderators will grow and they will abuse their power more frequently in the future...

I believe the moderator who called a member "asshole" should be removed from his moderator privileges immediatly!

I also believe that the other moderator supporting this behaviour should also be realizing consequences for their abuse of power!

I do not mention any names, because this case is more important than punishing a single person, it is that we have to learn to accept freedom of speech.

If DASH wants to asure its integrity they can use the log files and they know who has to be removed from its moderator privileges...

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Oh and of course I demand "RealBitcoinClub" to be unbanned from the discord channel! That would be the first signal of learning from this violent behaviour! The moment I get unbanned I will go and thank the community for allowing freedom of speech...

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Can you prove that what you described really happened?

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I just did a search of "realbitcoinclub" on the Dash Talk Discord and found this: https://discordapp.com/channels/484546513507188745/484546513935269918/588511055635021834, which does show some related posts, but none from realbitcoinclub, which may have been deleted when that profile was banned.

I then checked the #logs channel to see if the whole exchange could be viewed but all that I learned was that the "realbitcoinclub" account was created on that Discord on June 12th and was banned on the same day. https://discordapp.com/channels/484546513507188745/484569887214403614/588510656526024715

I will say that back in Feb. when I first got onto Discord I noted an error I had myself when navigating on DiscoverDash.com: https://discordapp.com/channels/484546513507188745/484546513935269918/547135491301179394 That was never really addressed by anyone associated with the site.

On a related note, I'd encourage you to see this post made two weeks ago called Analysis of DiscoverDash.com and my personal opinion.

And just to be clear, I'm not trying to bash DiscoverDash or that team -- it is admirable work to help close the loop between Dash users and merchants. However -- and I may be incorrect on this -- it does seem that they're using an off-the-shelf site and plugins so it doesn't quite provide a good user-experience. This may turn off all but the most adamant Dash fans from using the interface. Also, as stated in the aforementioned post, the quality of inputs has been called into question, which I have yet to see addressed by anyone involved.

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Your post is quite long, so I'm having trouble ascertaining its precise goal. But I'm guessing that its goal is to share a negative experience you had in a Dash- themed Discord channel. 

In which case, I'm sorry to hear that that happened. No one would appreciate having a question responded to with hostility. 

The best any of us can do in such a scenario is "vote with our feet," which you have already done by joining this forum. 



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