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Analysis of DiscoverDash.com and my personal opinion.  

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In preparation for Dash Crypto's retail business directory Places, we commissioned an analysis of DiscoverDash.com. 


There are 4583 listings on DiscoverDash.com.
- 33 are dead (returning 404 errors)
- Total Listings = 4550.
ATMs are not merchants, so we remove the 813 ATMs (17% of 4550) incorrectly classified as one.
- Total Business Listings = 3737.
When validated against the Google Maps API, only 897 returned a valid/matching location (location type = ROOFTOP), 1073 if we are generous (location type including RANGE_INTERPOLATED).
- Total Business Listings with valid address = 897.
- Total Business Listings with possibly valid address = 1073 (including the 897).
For the sake of argument, let's consider all 1073 listings as having a valid address.
- Total Business Listings with valid address = 1073. (28% of 3737)
We are defining "online presence" as having at least one of these: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, or Twitter URL.
Listings which are not ATMs, have invalid or non-matching addresses, but have an online presence are generously considered Online Merchants/Websites.
- Total Online Merchants/Websites = 924.
- Total Business Listings that don't have either a valid physical address or an online presence = 1742 (46% of 3737)

One of the purposes of a Business Directory is to allow customers to find businesses, and 46% of the business listings on DiscoverDash don't have either valid address or online presence.

Breaking down the 3737 business listings by country.

168 listings
153 with a valid address
166 with an online presence.
0 without a valid address or online presence (0%)

US: (United States)
311 listings
191 with a valid address
278 with an online presence.
20 without a valid address or online presence (6% of 311)

VE: (Venezuela)
1805 listings
53 with a valid address
346 with an online presence
1423 without a valid address or online presence (78% of 1805)

CO: (Colombia)
285 listings
220 with a valid address
136 with an online presence
39 without a valid address or online presence (13% of 285)

NG: (Nigeria)
75 merchants
9 with a valid address
45 with an online presence
27 without a valid address or online presence (36% of 75)

(If you'd like to see the breakdown for a particular country, please comment below)

Each listing on DiscoverDash.com is associated with an email address, which is the email address of whoever added the listing. There are 199 email addresses associated with the 4550 listings.
- 3 out of 199 emails (1.5%) are responsible for 77.35% of the listings,
- 5 out of 199 emails (2%) are responsible for 86.35% of the listings. 

182 listings have no description.

1803 listings have no pictures.


Personal opinion:

As a Dash investor, I feel deceived and disappointed. Like most, I was fooled into thinking Dash had 4800+ merchants, when in fact this number is close to 1500, if not lower. DiscoverDash.com has no concern over the quality or integrity of its data, and it is used mostly as a tool for proposals to get funds from the Treasury. Proposal owners are incentivized to add listings, and DiscoverDash is incentivized to care about merchant count. 


Looking over past proposals and adding all the money spent brings the cost of acquisition per merchant in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. This is an abysmal return on investment,

Even if these merchant-seeking proposals increase their listings by 1,000%, their impact on price will be the equivalent of  10 people in the USA buying goods occasionally. Just 1 person in the USA buying a few things in Dash represents more fiat volume than the entire country of Nigeria, Venezuela, and Colombia combined

I will no longer vote for  "merchant-acquiring proposals" because there is NO evidence that seeking individual merchants makes any difference in terms of price, transaction count, volume, or any other significant metric. There IS evidence of fraud, negligence, and the trivial returns do not justify the large sums of money poured into these proposals over the years. 

I will continue to support regional initiatives that are not primarily merchant-acquiring —  such as Dash Brazil — and also fully support bulk acquisition proposals, such as the ones pursued by the former DCG's Head of Business Development, Bradley Zastrow. How disappointing that he was laid off to cut cost while these other proposals are still receiving funds today. 


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I have instructed the team to list on Places only retail merchants with a valid address according to the Google Maps API. Online stores will be listed soon on a new directory Ecommerce, after been verified to have a valid URL and actually accepting Dash. We will update listings in Places with proper description, images, and contact information, and make it these fields mandatory for new ones. There will be no incentive for fake or lazy listings, and we hope this is the new standard adopted by everyone going forward. 

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Thank you Julio! We have been working on the same task!

We are so happy that you have already verified the contents and that we can take that information and we do not have to add all the fake entries!

We will publish all these merchants on Bitcoin Map probably before the end of this month. Then we will release a DASH only version of that App!

We would love to collaborate and come up with a user friendly alternative to discoverdash.com, with improved load times, offline capabilities and which allows searching for specific interests and locations.

We currently have a multi-coin variant of that app (Coinector) in the Android Play Store.

Please check it out and if you like that app we could integrate ALL the DASH merchants into a similar App called "Dash Places" and release it with DASH businesses only and DASH branding.

The app Coinector would be available for the Apple App Store IMMEDIATLY!!! All you have to make is a decision and take that free piece of software to push adoption. All that I want is that users have a really cool app to find the place they are really looking for.

Coinector integrates especially with Google Places data, as we want to motivate the user to put a review on the Google Maps mentioning that he paid with DASH! This is one of our key elements to create a viral growth...

Coinector Android App (We can release that for Android & IPhone TOMORROW branded for DASH)


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Excellent analysis JulioDash!  This confirms what I would hope many have supposed all along.

When judging any proposal, in spite of slick "facts and figures", I try to discern whether the proposal owner's primary motivation is it to earn themselves an income or advance the future of DASH.

And it is a real piss off to see the former funded in favor of the latter.

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The best-case scenario is when someone can earn themselves an income VIA advancing the future of Dash -- that is, a substantial portion of their portfolio is already in Dash when they ask for funding.

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Yes, absolutely! And better yet if they have plenty of smarts and lots of charisma 😉 


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