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Why is there no tim...

Why is there no timelimit for being the CEO or any employee of DASH Core Group?  



Many communities have limits on the time they can elect the same leader, to improve diversity & avoid corruption.


Why is DASH Core Group not following any of these principles?

To me it appears that the CEO of DASH Core Group has a huge amount of centralized power...


He even has so much power, that he invented a new entity which will suck energy from the existing governance system into a more centralized and legally attackable manner of managing the project: DASH Investment Foundation

From my perspective that Foundation opens many doors to corrupt the DASH DAO and protecting us from corrupt participants (IRS) is the most important!!!


I think if we would change the "leaders" more frequently that would support a healthy competition between them, which would result in better work!


The same for the developers, as in my opinion the proposal system is a system to fund and boost projects, but funding them long term makes absolutely no sense!!!

Anyone who is really into DASH and working for several years for the DAO should be holding a substantial amount of DASH already and therefore most of them would keep working on DASH related projects anyway!!


I firmly believe that the DAO would highly benefit to kick out anyone who is being funded for many years, so that others have a chance to participate and in the end the whole network grows!!

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