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Where can I spend my Dash?

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Great question. Since accepting Dash is so easy (one just needs to download a wallet to their phone, for example) you may be able to nudge those whom you currently procure goods and services from to accept it directly. For example, the gent at the farmers market from whom you buy eggs, your associate from whom you buy art, the lady who gives you a massage, the teenager who mows your lawn, or the guy who services your car, may all be excited to get paid directly in Dash. And, if they're interested but at the moment don't want to get paid fully in cryptocurrency, they may be open to accepting it for the tip portion, which is a nice way to introduce them to Dash.

Beyond that, there's a growing list of merchants that accept Dash directly. This is likely to ramp-up come the Evolution upgrade slated for late 2019, which will bring usernames to the blockchain. The easier it is to use, the more likely folks will gravitate to it. While some merchants are in the United States and Europe, an even larger number is in Latin America, specifically, Venezuela. Check out this 3:29-minute video Amanda B. Johnson did to see the places with the most Dash merchants: Top 3 Countries That Use Dash in 2019. Merchants that accept Dash directly — both brick-and-mortar merchants as well as online — can be found at DiscoverDash.com.

Perhaps the easiest way to spend your Dash right now to acquire goods and services that you already buy is via gift cards. There are a number of services that service this demand. You select the gift card, the amount and send the Dash. Then you shop as usual (online or in-person). It's that easy. This includes:

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Also, don't forget about Gyft.com.

Thanks for the reminder, Vector! Added to the post. You take care.

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