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What got you into crypto/Dash ?  



A friend of mine has been into Bitcoin for years and then got into Ethereum. Since last year he's been telling me about Dash. I'm not techy like him, I just think it's cool. But I'm wondering why all of you got into this in the first place?

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I was riding in a horse and buggy, and then I saw an automobile drive by.

The horse and buggy was the US dollar (thought it could have been the Russian ruble, Australian dollar, European euro, etc). The automobile was cryptocurrency.

It just strikes me as an inevitable upgrade.


Good question. Everyone has their own journey.

Like many folks, the first crypto I heard of was Bitcoin. I was living in New Hampshire at the time and many in my sphere were proponents of peace and voluntary interactions. Cryptocurrency appealed to me as an empowering technology in the sense that it enables individuals to consensually interact whether they be in the same room or across the ocean, without the interjection of any third party. It therefore helps to absolve arbitrary political boundaries and all the inherent divisiveness.

And empowering tech in that it is a tangible, that is practical and not theoretical way one can peacefully divest themselves from regimes they may not support. Regimes whose actors might cage people for victimless acts. Or whose actors initiate force against people elsewhere under the guise of promoting freedom. If one ceases to use the currency of the regime, one, in part, ceases to grant them authority.

My pals Ian Freeman and Mark Edge discussed Bitcoin on their Keene, New Hampshire-based radio show Free Talk Live. And it was at the urging of one of their co-hosts that I first downloaded the full Bitcoin blockchain. This was in 2010 I believe. At that time it wasn't too big. As the years progressed my familiarity and use of Bitcoin, and by then, other cryptocurrencies, grew. I've used crypto to pay for necessities like foods, clothes and shelter, as well as other things like travel and even surgery.

I began collaborating with my partner on a project called The Daily Decrypt in which we published videos Monday-Friday with the latest cryptocurrency news. She was doing the research and delivering the information while I edited and shared the content. By taking such a wide-angle view of this burgeoning industry, it became clear that not all projects and cryptocurrencies were created equal. Some made promises but never delivered while others stood out.

By this time my partner and I began another crypto-oriented project, this time, focused on just one cryptocurrency: Dash. It was called Dash: Detailed. Dash most interested me because it's structure was most-aligned with proper incentives. In other words, unlike other cryptocurrencies who paid just some of their needed ecosystem players (miners), Dash unveiled an incentivized second tier (its masternodes), which it leverages to do so much.

Dash also has optional privacy, governance, commerce-ready speed, near-zero fees, scalability, and a built-in funding mechanism. These things and more are what sets Dash apart. And it's why I am excited to be again be involved with a Dash-oriented: DashCrypto.

Yet, I don't want to become dogmatic. So my crypto experience is not wholly immersed in Dashland all day every day. I find it healthy to investigate what other crypto networks are up to and to engage with those in their community. From what I can tell, though there are some good folks and some good ideas, not one has assembled such a crack team of strategists, top-tier developers, and on-the-ground outreach teams. And not one is so laser-focused on crossing that threshold to be cryptocurrency so easy to use, ones mother (or grandmother) can do it. It's no wonder that DashCrypto likens Dash to "The world's most complete cryptocurrency project."

We'll see what unfolds in coming years!


Before 2017 I only touch BTC.

In March of that year an official license was expected for the Winklevoss to get an ETF of BTC, which did not arrive ... then there was all the confusion of Jihan Wu in BTC that almost blocked its operation until the summer, until the fork of BTC Cash.

That period of uncertainty led me to the alts. To ETH and, mainly to DASH. I was seduced by his "popular" orientation directed to the most basic layers of society and to the most daily use as a payment system - this is how I interpreted it, at least -. Ah! ... and the videoclases of "Car driving" by Amanda ... all a hook with which I still deeply associate the image of DASH - and its best times, which I hope to recover and even overcome with the new status, finally, of Evolution -.

And until today.

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Is this a poll?


I'm a gamer and sometimes hear other gamers mention crypto. And mining.


I listen to a lot of futurist podcasts. They've been mentioning blockchains and cryptocurrencies for years. I looked into them some in late 2017. They say code is law, so Dash's protocol-level governance stands out to me.

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