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How can the DAO imp...

How can the DAO improve the decentralization of power within Dash Society?  



Is the proposal system really working effectively as a decentralized governance system which leads to more decentralization of power?

What is the most important thing that could be done to improve the effectiveness of the proposal system in the aspect of decentralization of power to avoid single point of failures (employees)?

If a Mnode is located in a single direction, with less than 0.5% of addresses with the right to decide on the ecosystem compared to 99.5% without it ... the truth is that the concept "Society" sounds even excessive (and better not to think how many of those Mnodes belong to the same "voter", because after that, the smallness of the aristocracy of real power of an allegedly democratic ecosystem gives chills) ... but well, my 2 cents to the question:

With resources so that Dash holders with a more modest position than the 1000 units required can be grouped into Nodes (for example, some software with that objective) ... but without this happening through particular initiatives that prioritize their own economic benefit with ridiculous 2-figure commissions on the distribution of the corresponding tokens per node, instead of the altruistic benefit for the ecosystem to have a resource that would collect a much larger sample of the Dash sentiment, adding the criteria of a member profile with No influence today, beyond a simple particular expression in a public forum.

Another possibility could be the reduction of the DASH units needed to run a Mnode. This could stimulate not only the particular initiative, but the creation of "micro-communities" with concrete representative profiles ... that could generate movements in real-world strategies, etc., since the impression of real representativeness would undoubtedly be much more powerful and wide.

I suppose that a Mnode is configured from a single DASH address. By not reaching 5,000 assets, that would not reach 0.5% of the addresses of the voting chain ... which seems an overwhelming imbalance in the level of representation of the impression of the community.

Obviously, any initiative of this type implies the approval of 0.5% of the addresses with capacity for decision making in the ecosystem. And I have not read any opinion in the DASH forums that a wider opinion sample would be necessary for them, given their position of advantage.

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"Power" in Dash lies with investors, who can be invested in either hardware (mining), currency (MN owners or share-owners), or both. 

To me, it seems quite obvious, then, that to further decentralize power within the system, more individuals must become investors. And I can't think of a better way to incentivize more individuals to become investors than to follow the path of so many successful entities that have come before us:

that is, have the best product AND the best marketing. 

We currently have one of those already, and the Dash Crypto team is working hard on the other. 

Hi Amanda

By Share-owners do you mean token owners - below 1,000 -?


Another option for a greater (and healthier) decentralization: Creating wealth for DASH, preferably through its own use ... and blocking it in Mnodes (that can be used based on those who have generated that use - A kind of "popular sub-daos" that seek the presence, perspective and expression of the gigantic community marginalized by the centralized power structure in DASH - ).

The proposals prevail, in enormous proportion, the integral parasitism towards DASH (economic and intellectual parasitism - of which we will speak in another moment -), because many of them propose the expansion of DASH - which is applauded collectively - projecting it towards other economic ecosystems (generally, fiat) through points of provision of liquidity, pos systems, credit / debit / prepaid cards ... And it is at that point, outside the DASH ecosystem, in that presumed projection (in which drainage is almost indispensable of wealth of the original ecosystem) where the "altruistic expansors" of DASH distort the characteristics of this technological gem by latrándola with custodies, commissions, delays, etc. We speak of operational delays of minutes / hours with respect to the second of Instant send ... private custodians against the security of private keys in possession, or commissions of 0.5, 1, 2, 3, etc., on the total amount to be managed. .. versus TOTAL TX rates of hundredths of $ ... which are the references that a DASH user should take advantage of.

Obviously, this management outside the DASH ecosystem minimizes the technological benefits created by DCG in a negative proportion of hundreds, even thousands of times IN THE NEGATIVE SENSE. It is simply delirious.

I believe that the key to democratizing and decentralizing DASH is not to seek mass adoption with all this type of presumed aid to DASH - more than questionable - ... but, first of all, to direct the financed activities to the use of the existing community. ..and that this use repersutates in DASH ... and encourages the active participation of the community, varying its profile, currently testimonial, and integrating it into its mechanisms of integration, realization, free expression and decision in the ecosystem. Which is perfectly possible, want the beneficiaries of the more than questionable hierarchy of the DASH ecosystem ... or not.

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