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Introducing Places — the new business directory for Dash

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Places is the newest component at the Dash Crypto portal. It’s purpose? To drive more customers to the brick-and-mortar businesses that accept Dash.

We’re focused on quality (real, address-verified businesses) over quantity (incomplete listings). And in keeping with the professionalism of Dash, we’ve built an intuitive, user-friendly interface that looks gorgeous on all devices.

Stop on by and see for yourself: https://dashcrypto.org/blog/introducing-places-the-new-business-directory-for-dash/

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I'm glad to see that the Places listing is separate from the yet-to-release Ecommerce listing. That is one thing I always want to know when I am looking into Dash businesses -- are they online where I can access them, or are they a brick-and-mortar that's thousands of miles away from me?

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Thank you guys! This is so important! If you want to drive even more customers to DASH you could offer your data as an API so that anyone can use that to promote these merchants! We would love to integrate all your data on Bitcoin Map in an automated manner or semi-automated with git!

The special purpose of our map is that it only displays the places that are attractive to a wide audience of people traveling around the world.

On our map we do not show any services, we only show tourist interests and therefore the app is easier to understand for the mainstream user.

In addition to that website, we have 2 Android Apps which promote the contents and we are launching an Apple variant ASAP!

I believe that many users find our map especially searching for the keywords "bitcoin map" which we are targeting for since several years...

These users would love to find places where they can spend some "real" bitcoin which can actually be used as money, like DASH!

All the lost sheeps looking for real bitcoin adoption can be directed to your real locations!

I think there is a huge political theatre going on that has kept many bitcoiners paralyzed not realizing that DASH is already offering solutions to their demands.

We could help to inform these users, that if they are interested in real world adoption, then DASH is the coin to go!


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