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Found two glitches ...

Found two glitches on this page  

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1. The social media link (r/dashcrypto) leads to some twitter channel!

2. When I edit my profile, my avatar is covering the textbox where I should put my info

(After adding an background image of 1200x630 and after adding an avatar of 300x300)

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Hi! Thanks for your comment. Regarding the glitches you detailed:

  1. It appears this first one is now addressed. When I hover over the reddit icon it points correctly to http://reddit.com/r/dashcrypto. And when clicked, it correctly goes to that page. If you experience anything else, please let us know.
  2. Good catch. I too saw that one when I created my profile. I've passed it along to my team members who are responsible for this interface so it can be fixed.

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