Dash Masternode Tool (DMT)

Dash Masternode Tool (DMT) allows the creation of Masternodes, withdrawal of rewards, voting, and more — all with the DASH collateral in a hardware wallet.

You can download the latest version from the tool’s official repository:

No need to trust the code. Trust the wallet.

The best thing about hardware wallets is that you do not even need to trust the DMT software when it comes to the security of your funds, as long as you always verify any actions being taken/addresses being used on the screen of the physical device. 

DMT is the only tool that can currently be used in order to broadcast the message required to start a masternode, but the worst that a malicious software could do in that regard would be to fail to start the masternode. For voting, DMT is not required as it can be done without a hardware wallet being connected.

Of course, when installing any software you are also trusting that it’s not doing other things unrelated to its stated purpose, so it helps that the DMT code is open-source.