What is Dash?

Dash is a next-generation cryptocurrency based on the bitcoin protocol. It is a coin with instant payments, optional privacy, and several other features.

The next-generation cryptocurrency.

Dash was created as an improvement over Bitcoin, not only in its technology but also in other areas that are important for long-term success. Being self-funded and self-sustaining gives Dash the ability to evolve quicker, and blockchain governance allows it to adapt to market conditions more efficiently.

One of the most developed and innovative coins in existence.

The first self-funded Decentralized Unstoppable Organization (DUO), first privacy coin, first coin with masternodes, first coin with a decentralized Treasury, developed X11 algorithm, developed Dark Gravity Wave difficulty adjustment, first with instant transactions that can’t be double spent, first with the ability to own assets, first Proof of Work (PoW) coin resistant to 51% attacks, and lots more.

An entirely self-funded ecosystem — much more than just a cryptocurrency.

Dash is the first and only self-funded, legally structured, decentralized entity in the world. In a positive feedback-loop mechanism, it uses its self-generated funds to finance development and improvements, increasing the value of the currency and allowing for even more funds to be allocated for even more growth and improvements. A decentralized self-funded entity with its own free, open-source blockchain cannot be stopped. No other cryptocurrency project that relies on donations or ICOs can compete with this model.

A solid plan for long-term scaling.

Dash has processed more than half a million transactions over a 24h period. The Arizona State University (ASU) has recently released its research on block propagation in the Dash network and has determined a path to a minimum 10MB block sizes — 40x the capacity of the Bitcoin network.

Dash is much more than a cryptocurrency

Invest in the world’s first Decentralized, Self-Funding, Unstoppable Organization. 

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