How to keep your Dash safe?

Learn how to keep Dash safe by using cryptocurrency best practices, because being your own bank comes with responsibilities.

Back your wallet seed and keep it safe

The seed is like a master password for your wallet. Your funds on the Dash blockchain can be recovered at any HD Wallet with the seed. Make at least two copies and store them in a safe place.

Always use a password manager.

Never create passwords manually. Passwords manager can generate complex and hard-to-guess passwords automatically and store them for you easily.

Use a hardware wallet for large amounts.

Hardware wallets are devices made, especially for storing cryptocurrencies. They are the safest option and highly recommended.

Keep your computer up-to-date.

Always update your computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Outdated operating systems and applications are far easier to be hacked.

Always back up your Wallet

Computers and equipment fail. Often. It is important to always make copies of your data and keep them in a safe place.

Always use 2FA (2-factor authentication)

A good login credential is something that you know (password) + something that you have (a device). Use 2FA to add an extra layer of protection to your account.