Zcash vs. Dash

Compare Dash against Zcash. Learn what makes Dash’s technology superior and see why Zcash will eventually run out of money for its development.

Zcash's infrastructure is not incentivized.

Zcash relies heavily on volunteers to run its node infrastructure. This leads to “pricing out” problems as volunteers drop off the network as the cost to run a node increases. In contrast, Dash’s infrastructure is both steady and growing due to block reward incentives paid to masternodes.

Dash is 3,600x faster than Zcash.

It takes approximately 60 minutes for a Zcash transaction to be considered secure. A Dash transaction, in extreme contrast, is considered secure in only ~1 second. That makes Dash 3600 times faster to use than Zcash.

Dash has a provable and verifiable money supply.

Because Zcash was created with a cryptographic keyset, there is no way to have 100% confidence in its total monetary supply, as the keys could be compromised. This effectively means Zcash comes with a risk of secret inflation, wherein there could be more coins in created than is generally believed. Dash, in contrast, operates on the principle that people make their best financial decisions when their money supply is provable, public information.

Dash miners run ASICs.

The Zcash network has demonstrated a resistance to cryptocurrency mining’s most powerful known hardware: the ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit). Though the reasoning given is a desire to allow more participants to mine, this rationale is akin to restricting a gold-mining operation to pans and pickaxes so that more people can afford to mine. Dash, on the other hand, was created with a unique mining algorithm that has allowed the providence of security on the network to grow organically. From CPUs to GPUs and finally to ASICs, the Dash network runs on the most advanced security hardware money can buy: ASICs.

Zcash will run out of funds.

The funding for Zcash’s development will programmatically stop in 2020. After this, the Zcash network will find itself in the same governance crisis that many other coins experience: that is, whose development vision should be followed, and who will pay to make it happen. Dash has wholly avoided this deep pitfall — the one that’s forked Bitcoin multiple times — by building governance and attendant funding right into everyday operations. Each month, Dash’s stakeholders vote on whose development vision to follow and allocate a portion of the block reward to fund necessary salaries.

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