Real Estate vs. Masternodes

Masternodes are paid every month for services to the network. They are borderless, private, liquid, and more. Learn how they compare vs. Real Estate.

Borderless ownership.

Real estate is difficult to oversee from a distance. If not in the geographical area yourself, you have to pay someone else to manage your investment. But a Dash masternode is borderless. Its collateral and recurring, automatic payments go with you wherever you go.

Programmatically-guaranteed payments.

Do your real estate investments guarantee you regular payment — by force of code? Probably not. Dash’s masternodes, however, are programmatically paid ~1.67 Dash every ~9.5 days. Whatever the markets are doing, and whatever the talking heads are saying, Dash’s masternodes keep getting paid.

Worlds-first profit opportunities.

Dash is gearing up to launch the world’s first investment firm owned by a blockchain’s stakeholders. As a Dash masternode owner, you would have the cutting edge opportunity to profit from investments held by Dash Ventures, a soon-to-be-created firm whose legal beneficiaries are Dash masternode owners. This provides exposure to traditional ownership opportunities while operating on the innovative and future-looking structure of blockchain.

A Spot on the Governance Board.

Owning a Dash masternode automatically puts you on Dash’s board of governors. Each masternode owner has the right to cast a cryptographically-enforced vote on Dash’s product, finances, and expansion opportunities.

Invest in a Dash Masternode.

Service thousands of people while earning 6.63% annual return with asymmetrical risk.