Paypal vs. Dash

Paypal is a centralized payment processor. They who you can transact with, freeze your account, withhold funds, etc. Learn why Dash is different.

Use Dash for business-changing lower fees.

PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 on every sale you make to a US-based customer. Have international customers? That’ll be 4.4% + an additional fee based on currency type. PayPal cannot begin to compete with Dash’s ultra-low fees. Brace yourself: Dash fees are an average of $0.01 per transaction, whether your customer spends $1 or $10,000.

Dash has zero-risk of chargebacks.

If you’re a merchant, you may already know the inherent risk of accepting PayPal for goods or services: customers can and do initiate chargebacks at any time. This can add significant “breakage” costs to running your business. Dash payments, however, are impossible to chargeback. Your customer’s Dash payment to you is secure in just one second, freeing you to provide goods and services without worry immediately. Need to issue a refund? It’s just as easy for you to return Dash to a customer as it was for him to send it to you.

Dash offers 12x Faster settlements than Paypal.

Standard PayPal payments can take days to become available to you. Even their new “Instant Transfer” option involves an additional fee, amount restrictions, the possibility of cancellation, and up to a 30 minute wait time! Dash payments, on the other hand, show up in your wallet within one second of your customer hitting “send,” are considered secure that same moment, and are available for you to spend yourself within ~2.5 minutes. Really.

No more freezing or withholding of your funds.

Using PayPal exposes you to the risk of permanent or temporary fund freezes. Permanent fund freezes are rare, but temporary ones can happen for innocuous reasons like being a “first-time seller,” not having sold “in a while,” or having selling patterns that have “changed.” Talk about ambiguous! The Dash network, in contrast, works precisely as advertised 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. The Dash network doesn’t and can’t put your funds “on hold.”

No bank account or personal details necessary.

While PayPal requires bank accounts, full names, personal information, and even sometimes sensitive legal documents, a Dash wallet can be opened by anyone at any time — all it takes is an internet-connected phone, tablet, or personal computer. Skip the bank paperwork and invasive online questionnaires — Dash wallets are available to everyone for free with no hassle.

Send more for less across borders.

PayPal fees to send from the USA to another country range from $2.99 to $4.99 on $100 or more. That amounts to up to a 5% fee — steep. Dash, on the other hand, only costs an average of $0.01 per transaction, whether you’re sending $5 to your friend in Miami or $5,000 to your friend in Shanghai. Dash works the same across national borders as within them.

Dash Web Wallet

The easiest way to use the Dash cryptocurrency. Simple, secure, and enjoyable to use. Nothing to download — works on any browser, anywhere.