Litecoin vs. Dash

Dash is better than Litecoin on technology, architecture, development, economic incentives, and more. Here is why.

Dash is 1,500x faster than Litecoin.

It takes approximately 25 minutes for a Litecoin transaction to be considered secure, while a Dash transaction takes only ~1 second. That makes Dash 1,500 times faster to use than Litecoin.

Litecoin has no privacy.

Litecoin does not offer protocol-level privacy, which means that anyone who knows your Litecoin address(es) automatically knows how much money you have, how much of it you spend, and exactly when you receive or spend more. Dash, in contrast, offers protocol-level privacy via its PrivateSend feature. This feature enables any Dash user to turn any portion of his funds into the digital equivalent of paper cash — that is, money without an attached transaction history.

Dash's infrastructure is fully incentivized.

Litecoin relies heavily on volunteers to run its node infrastructure. This has lead to “pricing out” problems as volunteers drop off the network as the cost to run a node increases. In contrast, Dash’s infrastructure is both steady and growing due to block reward incentives paid to Masternodes.

Dash is a stream of constant innovation.

Litecoin has not made any major improvements to its core functionality since it launched in 2011. Dash, in sharp contrast, has rolled out innovation after innovation in response to new consumer preferences. Since its launch in 2014, Dash has pioneered the technologies which underlie Masternodes, InstantSend, Blockchain Treasury, PrivateSend, ChainLocks, and more.

Dash is proven to scale.

Litecoin can process four megabyte’s worth of transactions every ten minutes, while Dash doubles that figure at eight. But that won’t be enough in the long-run. So to test whether it could process even more, the Dash network partnered with Arizona State University to conduct scaling research. The completed study reveals that Dash can scale to reach Visa and Mastercard processing levels — all this without even having to upgrade hardware.

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