Credit Cards vs. Dash

Cryptocurrencies are the future of payments and Dash is the largest payments-focused crypto — decentralized, permissionless, unstoppable, and virtually-free.

Credit cards: so many intermediaries, so many fees.

The number of intermediaries between your customer’s credit card and your bank account is staggering. The standard method for accepting credit cards is first signing up with a payment gateway (that’s the first middleman), who then talks to the credit card processor (there’s the second), who then speaks to the credit card association (yikes, the third), who finally gets funds into your bank (the fourth!). And we wondered why fees were so high? Boost your bottom line and bring in new customers with Dash, where fees average only $0.01 regardless of the amount transacted. Not kidding.

No more chargebacks with Dash's guaranteed payments.

If you’re a merchant, you probably already know the inherent risk of accepting credit cards for goods or services: customers can and do initiate chargebacks, and chargebacks come with fees. Dash payments, however, are impossible to chargeback. Your customer’s Dash payment to you is secure in just one second, freeing you to immediately provide goods and services without worry. Need to issue a refund? It’s just as easy for you to return Dash to your customer as it was for her to send it to you.

Eliminate fraud. Completely.

Credit cards were invented in the 1950s, decades before e-commerce was a twinkle in anyone’s eye. The very mechanism of credit card functionality is unsuited to the internet, and the resulting hacks and fraud won’t be going away any time soon. Enter Dash. A payment method literally built to run on the internet. Credit cards rely on self-reported names, addresses, and birthdays for security (which are pretty easy to fake), whereas Dash uses alphanumeric keys (effectively impossible to counterfeit). This is how Dash eliminates fraud: you can’t steal someone’s identity in a payment system that doesn’t use identities.

No bank account or personal details necessary.

While credit cards require bank accounts, names, personal details, and even sometimes sensitive legal documents, a Dash wallet can be opened by anyone at any time — all it takes is an internet-connected phone, tablet, or personal computer. Skip the bank paperwork and invasive online questionnaires — Dash wallets are available to everyone, for free, with no hassle.

Settlement times that'll blow your hair back.

Credit card payments can take days to become available in your bank account. Days! What is this, the 20th century? Dash payments, on the other hand, show up in your wallet within one second of your customer hitting “send,” are considered secure that same moment, and are available for you to spend within ~2.5 minutes. Really.

Dash Web Wallet

The easiest way to use the Dash cryptocurrency. Simple, secure, and enjoyable to use. Nothing to download — works on any browser, anywhere.