Bitcoin vs. Dash

Dash made several enhancements over the Bitcoin protocol — treasury, governance, incentivized infrastructured, and more. Learn how Dash compare vs. Bitcoin.

Dash transactions are virtually free.

Fees to use Bitcoin go up and down depending on how many other people are trying to use the network at the same time. But with Dash, a low fee of $0.000368 is all it takes to get your transaction quickly processed, every time.

Dash is 3,600x faster than Bitcoin.

It takes approximately 60 minutes for a Bitcoin transaction to be considered secure, while a Dash transaction takes only ~1 second. That makes Dash 3600 times faster to use than Bitcoin.

Dash can process more transactions.

Bitcoin can only process one megabyte’s worth of transactions every ten minutes, which makes for unpredictable confirmation times and hard-to-guess fees. But Dash can handle eight megabytes every ten minutes, meaning that confirmation times, as well as fees, remain predictable.

There is only ONE Dash.

Several different versions of Bitcoin exist (Cash, Lightning, Core, SV, etc.) because Bitcoin lacks a mechanism to make network-wide decisions (governance). In contrast, Dash allows stakeholders to cast real, auditable votes on any major question: What features should our product have? Who should we pay to develop those features? How much should we pay them?

Bitcoin's infrastructure is not incentivized.

Bitcoin relies heavily on volunteers to run its node infrastructure. This has lead to “pricing out” problems as volunteers drop off the network as the cost to run a node increases. In contrast, Dash’s infrastructure is both steady and growing due to block reward incentives paid to masternodes.

Dash pay for its own development.

Bitcoin relies heavily on volunteers to develop its codebase. This has created crises of governance in the past, wherein different portions of Bitcoin’s network couldn’t agree on product fundamentals. This created the several different versions of Bitcoin that exist now (Core, Cash, SV, etc.). In contrast, there is only one Dash because developmental decisions are made by an auditable vote of the network’s stakeholders.

Dash has protocol-level privacy.

Bitcoin does not offer protocol-level privacy, which means that anyone who knows your Bitcoin address(es) automatically knows how much money you have, how much of it you spend, and exactly when you receive or spend more. Dash, in contrast, offers protocol-level privacy via the PrivateSend feature. This feature enables any Dash user to submit his funds to be mixed with the funds of others and then safely returned to his wallet — all without ever needing to revoke his private keys to a third party. PrivateSend allows the Dash blockchain to remain utterly transparent while still providing users the option to turn any portion of their Dash into the digital equivalent of paper cash — that is, funds without an attached transaction history.

Dash Web Wallet

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