High chargeback industry

Dash is an ideal currency-and-payment method for high-chargeback industries. Eliminate chargebacks, discourage scammers, reduce operating costs, and more. 

Eliminate chargebacks. Completely.

If you do business in casinos, pharmaceuticals, airline tickets, timeshares, or any other high-chargeback industry, you already know how much chargebacks can cut into your profit margin. How about integrating a payment method that has zero-risks of chargebacks? Dash transactions are irreversible the moment they’re sent.

Refunds are fast and very cheap.

Need to issue a legitimate refund to a dissatisfied customer? Payments sent back to customers cost only ~$0.01 to send and show up in their wallets only one second after you issue them. A customer who doesn’t have to wait for days to receive a refund is a customer much less likely to leave your business a bad review in the interim.

Discourage scammers.

Though most customers are honest, there are some who’ve learned to do a part-time job out of issuing chargebacks on merchants — and those few can drive up operating costs substantially. Make your business unattractive to professional scammers by integrating a payment solution that won’t work with their schemes.

Install Dash on your site.​

Free installation for most e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, etc.