Dash for Online Stores and Ecommerce

Accept Dash and other cryptocurrencies with just one signup. Eliminate fraud and reduce costs. Plugins for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more.

Accept Dash and other cryptocurrencies with just one signup.

Most crypto payment gateways and point-of-sale systems that take Dash also work with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and others, so you can accept payments in all these other cryptocurrencies with just one signup. We encourage you to try and compare them against us.

More customers and more sales with #DashFriday.

DashFriday brings you customers and sales. The entire Dash community goes out of its way to buy from merchants accepting Dash on Fridays. Become a Dash-accepting merchant today — it is 100% free and all you need is a mobile phone. 

Reduce transactions costs.

Recipient pays nothing, and sender pays only around $0.000368. Compare these feels with what Paypal, Banks and Credit Cards charge for a similar service.

Eliminate fraud with irreversible transactions.

Most transactions on the Dash blockchain are irreversible after 1 second. It means you can ship goods or do services for your customers with confidence, without the risks of frauds or chargebacks. Refunds are easy to do too!

Instant and virtually-free transactions.

Recipient pays nothing, and sender pays around $0.000368 to send a transaction. Payment is confirmed and irreversible in just 1-second, and all you need is a mobile phone to get started.

Permissionless signup. No one to approve or deny you.

You do not need permission from anyone accept or use Dash — there’s no one to approve or deny you and there are no “applications” to submit. The Dash blockchain and treasury are entirely permission-less. 

Payments-industry best practices — now in crypto.

Dash incorporates payments industry best-practices that the digital currency industry lacks. Our transactions lock within 1 second due to our revolutionary InstantSend technology, making Dash acceptance feasible at the point of sale and online — just like cash and credit cards.

Keep full control of your money.

Services like PayPal control your money and exploit your transaction data. PayPal will even reverse transactions without providing an opportunity to mediate disputes. With Dash, you control your money and you can’t be restricted from using it or having money that was previously sent to you reversed. Just like physical cash, there is no need to pass along personal information — the transaction is fully secure and irreversible once you receive it. 

Install Dash on your site.​

Free installation for most e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, etc.