Cannabis industry

Dash solves real problems the cannabis industry suffers today. Eliminate fraud, cut down operating costs, reduce transaction fees, and more.

Cut down on security costs.

Anyone who’s worked in the legal cannabis industry knows its hallmarks: armed guards, cash trucks, and steel doors, to name just a few. When bank accounts become inaccessible, dispensaries have to become their own banks, which can eat up ~20% of operating costs. Thankfully, Dash offers another way cannabis dispensaries can be their own bank — one that’s secure and cheap. Like ~$0.01 per transaction cheap, whether you’re selling $10 or $1,000 worth of product.

A solution that many customers already demand.

It’s no secret that millennials represent a large portion of cannabis-buyers, and Bloomberg has reported that 30% of millennials would rather own cryptocurrency than stocks. This is a segment of your target market that’s likely to hold cryptocurrency already and have the interest to spend it. Give them a reason to visit your dispensary over others by offering the most innovative payment solution available today: Dash

Safeguard your investment.

It’s not unheard of to be one of the lucky dispensaries that started out with an amenable banking relationship, only to have that relationship later terminated. Such incidents can result in the near-crisis scenario in which no new bank will accept the check containing the balance of your closed account. Forgo the massive gamble that is placing your financial capital in the grip of a fickle industry. Instead, consider Dash — a currency-and-payment-system already accepted at ~1500 merchants around the world.

Accept Dash in your store.

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions handle invoices, receipts, currency conversions, refunds, and much more. Free and multi-language too.