The Dash Web Wallet is closing down.

Hardware wallet

The Dash Web Wallet is closing down.

The Dash Web Wallet was launched on Jun 17th, 42 days ago, and has been an outstanding success with several hundred users. We have just finished Hardware wallet integration, and had several other features planned: recurring payments, send to SMS/email, buy/sell Dash using a credit card, mini treasury system, Dash Savings Account, etc.

Recent events have made us reassess it from a risk management position, and as it currently stands, the Dash Web Wallet is no longer a service our company is willing to provide. We are not paid by the Treasury, haven’t received a single donation from any member of the Dash community, and don’t make any profit on the service — but we bear all the costs, risks, and liabilities.

To all users: please transfer funds to another address or save the seed so funds can be accessed from another wallet. The service will be terminated on August 5th, unless acquired by another entity.

If the Dash Core Group, the Dash Investment Foundation, or another entity would like to make an offer to acquire the Dash Web Wallet service (code, design, infrastructure, database, rankings, domain names []), please contact to discuss.