Introducing Places — the new business directory for Dash.

Discover Places

Introducing Places — the new business directory for Dash.

Quality over quantity.

Our goal is to drive more customers to the businesses that accept Dash. Why? An increase in sales is the single biggest incentive a business has to start accepting Dash. There is a flipside of this goal, too: we’re removing all incentives to create false and/or incomplete merchant listings (you know, the kind that might be added to prop up merchant numbers).

Within these parameters, Places will become a directory in which any merchant would love to be included.

Gorgeous design that looks great on all devices.

Dash deserves beautiful directories that are a pleasure to use while also reinforcing the professional image of the product.

Built-in Google Maps with frequent reviews to preserve data integrity.

Right now, 100% of the listings on Places have valid addresses. New listings will have their addresses auto-completed via the Google Maps API to promote data integrity. And to be doubly-sure listings are accurate, we’ve created a periodic review process that will eliminate inadequate and/or false listings.

Integration with the Dash Crypto portal.

Visitors to the Places and Ecommerce directories are more likely to become Dash investors and community members because they get exposed to everything else the portal provides. As a result, the businesses listed in Places and Ecommerce are more likely to see an increase in sales as the community grows. It’s a win all around.

Dedicated directory for Ecommerce. 

It makes sense to put more resources toward onboarding online merchants and fewer resources toward brick-and-mortar retail stores. Ecommerces can accept Dash with just a few clicks, are accessible globally (as opposed to the residents of just one city), and are easier and cheaper to sign-up. 

This is why, in addition to the Places directory, the Dash Crypto portal is also introducing the Ecommerce directory soon. 

Check out the new Places today!