Announcing 2 new ways to talk about Dash

Questions and Answers

Announcing 2 new ways to talk about Dash

There aren’t many topics that generate more questions from newcomers and veterans than cryptocurrency. Due to its advanced engineering, Dash is especially ripe for high-level, hard-hitting chatter.

That’s why the Dash Crypto portal is excited to release two new ways to talk about Dash: Questions and Answers and Dash Discussions.

1st: Dash Questions & Answers (Stack Overflow-style)

So you (or someone else) have a few questions:

On PrivateSend: “What does “mixing rounds” mean in PrivateSend, exactly?”
On Quorums: “How are they formed to enable ChainLocks, again?”
On Mining: “Can hardware that was used to mine Bitcoin be used to mine Dash, too?”

These kinds of questions are asked somewhere in the world every day — and they’ll only get asked more in the future. A Stack Overflow-style forum is an ideal solution to:

  1. Provide a beautiful and enjoyable place for people to bring all their questions about Dash.
  2. Keep all those questions and answers forever organized in one easily accessible location.
  3. Encourage professional support by allowing users to vote on answers, which sends the helpful to the top and the unhelpful to the bottom.

This community-powered Q&A approach has enabled to earn 50 million+ visits per month amongst developers, and its design can equally benefit the Dash community.

Visit Dash Questions and Answers

2nd: Dash Discussions (Reddit-style)

Forums that use a “discussion board” style are difficult to follow because messages have no hierarchy, and the clutter from quoted posts takes up a lot of space. Threaded discussions, in contrast, enable users to follow conversations easily — which in turn increases their participation.

Discussing cryptocurrency is already seen as a daunting task by many, and the forum dedicated to this should appear as friendly and easy-to-use as possible. Because the “Reddit-style” of discussion has already been much-requested within the Dash community, it makes perfect sense to offer Dash Discussions to all visitors of the Dash Crypto portal.

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Both our elegant Questions and Answers, as well as our beautifully-designed Dash Discussions, are integrated with the rest of the portal, and we hope they grow to be useful services for all visitors. Registration is free and open to anyone, and existing Dash Crypto members can already participate in both services!