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World’s First
Blockchain Treasury
& Governance.

Leader in Blockchain Technology.

Dash has one of the best development teams in the crypto space, and has delivered a stream of innovation since its inception.

Dash Evolution will revolutionize cryptocurrencies. Coming soon in 2019.

Dash Evolution will look and feel like online banking and will be global. However, unlike PayPal and Venmo, Dash is an entirely open-source and decentralized coin. It will also feature increased security, be virtually-free, and have no middlemen taking cuts on either side of transactions. It will be an entirely seamless payment method, with no geographical restrictions. Users can pay friends and shop online as easily as they do with PayPal without losing privacy and control of their money to a third party.

One of the most developed and innovative coins in existence.

The first self-funded Decentralized Unstoppable Organization (DUO), first privacy coin, first coin with masternodes, first coin with a decentralized Treasury, developed X11 algorithm, developed Dark Gravity Wave difficulty adjustment, first with instant transactions that can’t be double spent, first with the ability to own assets, first Proof of Work (PoW) coin resistant to 51% attacks, and lots more.

Truly fungible cryptocurrency.

Some coins have the illusion of fungibility hidden behind an encrypted layer. All transactions will be traceable once the encryption is eventually broken. Dash, on the other hand, creates real fungibility as the mixing process erases the history and makes them unidentifiable.

Dash is a fully-functioning digital payment system. Available today.

Dash already offers today instant payments, private payments, software on every major platform, is listed on almost every major exchange, and has thousands of merchants accepting it. It is unified, stable and reliable. 

World’s First Self-Funding Coin.

Dash had the world’s first recurring & self-funding Treasury. Every month Dash has over $435,187.07 to spend in its own development, marketing, projects and community.

Self-funded and recurring Treasury. Blockchain with no conflicts of interest.

Coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc., rely on donations to maintain development. Donations are not guaranteed, recurring, nor allow for budgeting or planning. As we have seen with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, conflicts of interest arise when companies minding only their interests try to take charge of a decentralized protocol. Dash pioneered the solution for this problem with Decentralized Governance and Treasury.

A 3-way split block reward: a better incentive model.

In Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, 100% of the new coins go to miners, 0% goes to full-nodes and 0% to the development of Bitcoin itself. In Dash, on the other hand, 45% of the new coins go to miners, 45% goes to full-nodes, and 10% goes to the Dash Treasury, to maintain and grow the project. Donations — and the conflicts of interest that comes with them — are not needed.

Proven Blockchain Solutions.

Instantaneous and confidential transactions on a secure network.


InstantSend payments confirm in less than a second.


Prevent 51% attacks with Dash’s newest innovation


PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private.

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The best video on Dash you’ll ever see.

If you had to watch just one video on Dash, this would be it.

Seriously Decentralized

Being open-source is not enough. For a project to be genuinely decentralized, it needs to have decentralized funding, legal structure, development, and governance (decision-making). Dash is the only major cryptocurrency with all these features.

Next-level decentralization.

Other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, etc. requires only users, nodes, developers, and miners for consensus. Dash, on the other hand, requires all of these plus a decentralized network of 4620 Masternodes. They are also not self-funded and thus are susceptible to conflicts of interest arising from donations.

Cryptos without decentralized decision-making are bound to split and fork.

Bitcoin split into BTC and BCH. Bitcoin Cash split into BCH/BAB/BSV, and Ethereum into ETH/ETC. When a coin does not have decentralized governance, the only way to resolve disputes is by fork. When sides strongly disagree, they fork to start their own blockchain. Dash has no forks and no splits because it has a revolutionary and decentralized way to make decisions: decentralized Governance